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Micro Eye Surgery

Micro Eye Surgery Hospital in Ahmednagar | Dr. Anbhule Hospital

Dr.  Bushan Anbhule is one of the best surgeon who provides the best treatment for Micro Eye Surgery Hospital in Ahmednagar. Microsurgery (from the Greek word “micros” means “small”) is an open treatment of small structures in the human body that are often unrecognizable to the eye. All microsurgeries were performed using a high-precision, high-resolution microscope, and small surgical instruments.

The 1950s and 1960s saw active progress in microsurgery, with ophthalmologists beginning to perform operations using microscopes and high-quality non-traumatic suture material. The production of micro tools is also advancing. Since then, treatment methods and alternatives have undergone many advances that have become cheaper and more efficient. Microsurgical procedures

Microsurgical procedures

Micro Eye Surgery Hospital in Ahmednagar. Microsurgery is a large part of the Excimer eye hospital’s activities. Ophthalmologists around the world report an annual increase in the number of eye problems, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal diseases, resulting in an increased need for microsurgery. Demands for interventions are also increasing – operations should be as traumatic as possible with expected and guaranteed results. The postoperative rehabilitation period should be painless and with little indefinite restriction of patients in terms of visual and physical stress.

Micro Eye Surgery Hospital in Ahmednagar
Micro Eye Surgery Hospital in Ahmednagar

Microsurgical procedures performed at the Excimer eye clinic

Multifunctional ophthalmic systems including Millennium (Bausсh& Lomb), Accurus, Infinity, and Schtorz are now used in microsurgical operations. These systems have since been used in cataract therapy for phacoemulsification with artificial IOL implantation, refractive clear lens replacement, and complex microsurgical intervention. The equipment available to Excimer doctors allows you to perform operations on the front and back of the eye. These systems shorten uptime and provide greater reliability. The unique features of these systems allow the use of microsurgery in patients who have previously refused treatment for various reasons.

Computers are integrated into microsurgical systems that control the surgeon’s operations and provide important information about the operation through voice or graphics. These systems do not allow the clinician to adjust the current program, but allow the program settings to be adjusted to suit their needs, further accelerating the surgical process. In addition, it is important to note that when using the systems, the surgeon can do without the support of the surgical team.

Micro Eye Surgery Hospital in Ahmednagar, Dr. Anbhule Multi-Speciality Hospital is one of the best multi-specialty hospitals in the Ahmednagar, which brings its patients one destination for all their medical problems.

Excimer patterns

An individual procedure is guaranteed for each patient who enters the Excimer Eye Clinic. Special attention is paid to the method of treatment in each case and the equipment and consumables used during microsurgery.

Skill level is also important in microsurgery. The specialists at the Excimer Eye Clinic have somewhere around 10-15 years of involvement.

All members of the medical staff participated in the development of new treatment programs, conducted research, and consulted the Excimer Group at eye clinics. Excimer Eye Clinics pays more attention to the training of their medical and rescue staff, encourages them to constantly develop professional skills, and ensures their participation in the activities of the Ophthalmological Association, including Belarusian and international conferences and congresses on the problems of modern ophthalmology.

The Excimer Eye Clinic has special requirements and standards for medical device manufacturers and suppliers of cost-effective materials and drugs. Each new Excimer Associate Eye Clinic goes through a multi-level selection system based on various criteria before it can start working with the clinic. The primary role of Excimer specialists is to protect patients from all possible risks and to ensure maximum vision recovery.

Micro Eye Surgery Hospital in Ahmednagar

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