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Dr. Bhushan Anbhule Eye Specialist in Ahmednagar

Anbhule Eye Care Hospital has conducted many successful eye surgeries, across all age groups. Each of the surgeons and ophthalmologists, associated with our best eye hospitals in Ahmednagar, are fully equipped with the state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for treating eye problems.

Anbhule Eye Care Hospital is the top eye centre in Ahmednagar. We have a team of best eye doctors in Ahmednagar and our super-speciality eye hospitals are spread across Ahmednagar. We are providing Best Lasik Laser Eye Correction in Ahmednagar.

Anbhule Eye Care Hospital provides many services like Biatactic surgery and laser treatment, Artificial insemination through a telescope, Treatment by laser on diabetic retinopathy, Treatment and surgery on eye accident, Proper guidance and surgery for reducing blindness in children’s eyes, Hypotension Treatment and Surgery.

To get a perfect eye test, eye examination or high-quality eye surgery done, without any hesitation you can visit Anbhule Hospital And Surgery, you are guaranteed to get best eye care at this renowned Eye Clinic of Ahmednagar. Anbhule Hospital is a certified eye surgery and eye care hospital where you can get complete eye test and eye surgery treatment for all types of eye diseases by well experienced and eye doctor in Ahmednagar, India.

I-sight Eye Care and Surgery is a state of the art eye care chain of clinic where you are assured of personalized, premium eye care at an affordable eye surgery cost. With high-end surgical theaters and international standards in eye care service, our eye surgery clinic is one of the best eye specialist hospital and clinic in Ahmednagar with a team of experienced, highly qualified, skilled, professional and dedicated best eye Specialist and ophthalmologist in Ahmednagar.

DR. BHUSHAN ANBHULE :: Eye Specialist in Ahmednagar | Eye Doctor in Ahmednagar

Eye Doctor in Ahmednagar

DR. BHUSHAN ANBHULE :: Eye Specialist in Ahmednagar | Eye Doctor in Ahmednagar

DR. BHUSHAN ANBHULE–Eye Specialist and Doctor in Ahmednagar

M.B.B.S., D.O.M.S., F.I.M.S.

Profile:  Fellowship Lasers in Diabetic Retinopathy – Arvind Eye Hospital
Fellowship in Micro Surgery – K.G. Eye Hospital
Fellowship in Phacoemulsification – Arason Eye Hospital

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An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor (MD) or a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) who specializes in eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists are trained to perform eye exams, diagnose and treat disease, prescribe medications and perform eye surgery. They also write prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

This may be due to the progressive loss of the ability to focus near, which on average begins at age 40. The process is called presbyopia and the solution is reading glasses.

Signs You Need to See an Ophthalmologist. You should see an ophthalmologist if you experience physical changes to your eyes, such as crossed eyes or eyes that turn inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards.

An optometrist may perform an eye exam and write a prescription for corrective lenses, while an optician may fill that prescription. … An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in all aspects of eye care including diagnosis, management, and surgery of ocular diseases and disorders.

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Its very good hospital and i had very good experience with eye surgeon’s and doctors. Staff are very nice and very helpful. Clinics are good in patients relationship and follow up. Its very helpful to patients to get there appointment got confirmed.


Saurabh K

I had a great experience at this clinic. Dr. Bhushan Anbhule is doing wonderful job. He is helpful and kind. Best Doctor for Eye problems in Ahmednagar.


Rajiv W


The treatment was painless and quick. It was just like someone has done magic with Wand to remove glasses. So I recommend Dr. Bhushan Anbhule very polite, humble and has best hands so that we can have a new vision. Really thankful for giving me a new life.


Shailesh K


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